The Benefits of Using D&G for Scaffolding in Chessington

Scaffolding has, and always will be one, of the most popular construction tools. And while scaffolding has evolved far beyond its humble origins (being used for cave paintings over 17,000 years ago!), It remains absolutely essential to getting many jobs done. Our scaffolders cover the Chessington area from Southfields, and we provide domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding services for clients in the Surrey town.


Scaffolding enables users to access hard-to-reach areas in a safe manner, whether they’re making use of a domestic scaffolding structure for work on a chimney, or a commercial scaffolding structure for work on an office block in Chessington.


Our scaffolders erect scaffolding to help builders navigate a construction site safely. Whatever the size of the building being worked on in Chessington, domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding ensures workers have a level area to walk on and to carry equipment across, which reduces the risk of falling and injuring themselves.


Safety is of the Utmost Importance to our Scaffolders


Safety is absolutely vital on any construction site; our scaffolders have the relevant experience and qualifications to create a secure platform for contractors to work in the Chessington area. All of our scaffolders are trained to CITB standards.


If the project is taking place in a public area of Chessington, scaffolding equipment such as safety barrier netting or fence coverings not only benefits our scaffolders and other contractors, but it also preserves the safety of the general public.


Although strict weight limits must be adhered to, the scaffolding that D&G provides helps multiple workers to use the structure simultaneously, which is a huge advantage when working in Chessington on a big commercial scaffolding job with a tight deadline!


Scaffolding allows access to parts of a building that would normally be difficult to reach. This means that scaffolders and other tradesmen can keep their mind on the task in hand without any safety concerns. Ease of access allows contractors or DIY enthusiasts to complete a job through domestic scaffolding job and efficiently.


Why You Should Choose D&G Scaffolding for Scaffolding Work in Chessington

  • Our scaffolders enjoy an excellent reputation in the Chessington area
  • We provide a range of domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding services
  • All scaffolders on our team are employed for their skill, dedication and experience
  • We hold employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance
  • We adhere to strict scaffolding Health and Safety standards
  • Our team provides a quick, efficient service that provides value for money


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