Scaffolding Safety in Epsom: Do’s and Don’ts

Safety is paramount to us here at D&G Scaffolding, both for our workers and for the general public in the Epsom area. Whether our scaffolders are taking on domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding projects, we make absolutely certain that structures are safe for all concerned before work commences. Scaffolding safety is key in everything we do.


We also apply this philosophy whilst work is being carried out and after a job has been completed. We’d like to share with you some of the do’s and don’ts our scaffolders rigidly stick to when carrying out scaffolding work in Epsom.


Scaffold Inspection


Do: Ensure qualified scaffolders conduct a thorough check of the scaffolding foundations, verifying that they are properly anchored and tightly braced to the structure. Ongoing checks on domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding in Epsom confirm ground around the foundation is continuously safe to work on, and that all fixings are tight and secure.


Don’t: Assume the foundation is always secure. Heavy work can cause wear and tear so our scaffolders, all of whom are trained to CITB standards, will check foundations meticulously.


Head & Foot Protection


Do: Always wear a hard hat. Our scaffolders wear personal protective equipment at all times to protect them from any potential accident that could occur on the scaffolding site. We carry full employer’s liability insurance and public liability insurance for the protection of everyone on and near the site, including members of the general public in Epsom.


Our team also wear site-approved shoes whilst working, with non-slip soles and steel-toe caps. This is recommended for all other contractors and labourers onsite.


Don’t: Remove your hard hat, or any other safety equipment, until completely off-site.


Fall Protection


Do: Use safety equipment such as full-body harnesses, fall arrest systems and shock-absorbing lifelines. As experienced as D&G’s scaffolders are, a simple misstep can have consequences. So, as part of our adherence to strict safety regulations on domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding projects in the Epsom area, our equipment is kept up to the latest standards and checked regularly.


Don’t: Work on scaffolding without adequate fall protection. Our team will always use safety equipment when working on domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding in Epsom, even when just going up one storey up on the structure.




Do: Pay close attention to the load capacity of scaffolding. Our scaffolders are conscientious of ensuring weight limits are not exceeded, and we will take care to verify our scaffolding is not overloaded whenever we are working in the Epsom area.


Don’t: Push your luck when it comes to weight limits. Even a few extra pounds can be the difference between safety and an unnecessary accident on scaffolding.


Overhead Lines


Do: Follow safety guidelines when approaching power lines. Electrocutions can occur, which is why scaffolding supervisors stick steadfastly to national safety guidelines. Our scaffolders will not move equipment anywhere in Epsom within the minimum clearance of power lines. Our team members work together when erecting scaffolding to observe and ensure both domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding structures are safe from overhead lines.


Don’t: Try and get a bit closer to the lines. Never move the scaffolding structure without consulting necessary authorities in the Epsom area and never ignore safety protocol.


All work from our scaffolders is carried out safely and securely. Call us today on 07943 537532 for a quote on domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding in Epsom.



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